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Mt.Furano Nishi-dake Trail Opening Ceremony< Furano >

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Where : Biei, Kami Furano and Furano

In early June, the official mountain climbing season opens with Biei, Kami Furano, and Furano all opening their mountains. Furano Ropeway commences its summer hiking and sightseeing season with the first trip of the season to the top of the hill.

The hills are generally looking splendid with all the spring colours, trees and wildlife in full bloom and spring glory.

The hiking and mountain sightseeing season starts with Shinto monks praying for a safe hiking season and some small ceremonies at the base of the mountains. Some small festivals are held with different hiking groups climbing together and celebrating the day on reaching the summit.

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Address Kamigoryo, Furano-shi
Telephone Number 0167-23-3388 (ふらの観光協会 9:00~18:00)
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