Furano-style travel suggestions

We have prepared several courses that will take you around some of the tourist sites in Furano. Please take advantage of this information when making your travel plans. Model courses are just an example of sightseeing. Be sure and plan your travel so that you have a leisurely stay in Furano. Let us, the Furano Tourism Association, help you plan your travel. Please inquire if you have any questions.

Fully Enjoy Furano on the Activity Course

Activity Course

Because Furano is surrounded by such lush nature, there are so many activities that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors! Be sure to try some during your stay!

For example in the morning…

Early morning hot air balloon ride

Get up a little earlier than usual and take a walk in the clouds to inhale the fresh air! The ride is basically offered early in the morning. The ride will be cancelled if high winds are present even on sunny days. During summer there is a guided flight and during winter you can experience a free flight.
Furano Nature Club
Leisure Guide Asobiya

Butter Churning Experience

Time to fully enjoy Furano! Use Furano milk and try your hand at churning butter!
Furano Cheese Factory

For example, take the afternoon to….

Observing nature in the forest..

Go on foot to places you can't appreciate when driving. Take a walk through nature with a guide at the Yamabe Nature Park, Taiyo-no-Sato (Fureainomori)
Furano Forest Classroom (Furano Lifelong Learning Center)

Hands-on Activities

●Summer Activities
Hot air balloons (with guide), rafting, fishing, nature trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding, Ducky(two man rubber boat)riding, trekking, agricultural experience (digging for potatoes, and asparagus), pottery crafts and other hand craft activities.

●Winter Activities
Skiing, snowboarding, hot air balloons (free flight), smelt fishing, snow shoe trekking, snow mobile tours and much more.

The above menu is just an example of the available activities. While the summer image is strong, there are plenty of things to do in winter as well. We will show you how to have a good time in winter. Please inquire at the tourist association.

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