Furano-style travel suggestions

We have prepared several courses that will take you around some of the tourist sites in Furano. Please take advantage of this information when making your travel plans. Model courses are just an example of sightseeing. Be sure and plan your travel so that you have a leisurely stay in Furano. Let us, the Furano Tourism Association, help you plan your travel. Please inquire if you have any questions.

Catch the winds in Furano on the Bicycle Course

Furano Dairy Farm Itadakimasu Course

Here you can take a tour of the cheese factory and taste milk, cheese and ice milk produced on the diary farms of Furano. The course usually takes about an hour and a half but will differ according to how fast you walk and how long you stay at each facility.
* For information on rental cycles, please see the Furano Area Access Page.


JR Furano Station

Coin lockers are available inside Furano Station, or Moriya Lavender Shop (souvenirs, rental cycles) will keep your large suitcases for you. (paid)

When you cross the Sorachi River, there is onion field after onion field.

Cheese Factory

Take a tour through the cheese factory and taste freshly made cheese, and purchase some of Furano's finest unique cheeses. Besides cheese there is the ice milk factory, pizza factory, hands-on experience studio (reservation necessary). You can take the boardwalk from the Cheese Factory straight to the [Hillside Photo Studio] where you can enjoy scenery of the four seasons in Furano.

Take a break if you have time and step into the free pottery gallery [Noragama] or rest a bit at Café Nora.

Furano Marche

Inside the facility there is the Furano Produce Center, Farmer's Market, Sweets Café and Take-out Shop. At [Information Furano] staff are ready to give travel tips. Furano Marche showcases the appeal of Furano's great products such as vegetables, fruit, sweets, meals and so much more.


JR Furano Station