Furano-style travel suggestions

We have prepared several courses that will take you around some of the tourist sites in Furano. Please take advantage of this information when making your travel plans. Model courses are just an example of sightseeing. Be sure and plan your travel so that you have a leisurely stay in Furano. Let us, the Furano Tourism Association, help you plan your travel. Please inquire if you have any questions.

See all there is to see in Furano by taking the Ride Furano Course

Norokko Plus Taxi Course

During the summer season you can ride the sightseeing bus which originates from JR Furano Station. Especially good for those who wish to see as much as possible in a short time, or those who are visiting Furano for the first time and haven't a clue where to go first or visitors who are not comfortable with driving on new roads. Our solution is to take the sightseeing bus or sightseeing taxi. You can choose how you combine the two and sightsee for half a day or a whole day. Please take the opportunity to try this.

For example in the morning..

Take the Norokko and enjoy a petite rail journey in Furano.

Take the summer season limited sightseeing Norokko from the Lavender Field Station near Farm Tomita to Furano.

Furano-Biei Norokko

The Lavender Field Station is a train station near Farm Tomita and is only in operation during the summer. Why not embark on a wonderful journey from a station with a sweet name?

Get back to Furano and after your meal…

Sightseeing in Furano by sightseeing taxi.

Take the sightseeing taxi from JR Furano Station. Courses begin from one hour and a half duration. Just ask the cab driver what is possible. They are able to take you on a course recommended by you! Sightseeing taxis can be reserved at the tourist centre right next to the station.

Duration expected using the sightseeing taxi.

1 1/2 hours: Sightseeing Furano City
2 hours: Rokugo District (TV Drama "From the Northern Country" location tour)
3 hours: Touring the lavender and flower fields
4 hours: Touring the hills of Furano and Biei

For other sightseeing buses, intercity buses and local transportation see the [Furano Area Access] page.

For bus departure times please inquire directly at each bus company.