Furano-style travel suggestions

We have prepared several courses that will take you around some of the tourist sites in Furano. Please take advantage of this information when making your travel plans. Model courses are just an example of sightseeing. Be sure and plan your travel so that you have a leisurely stay in Furano. Let us, the Furano Tourism Association, help you plan your travel. Please inquire if you have any questions.

Enjoy Winter in Furano Course

Indoor Experiences and Hot Springs Course

This course allows you to enjoy craft making, facility tours, hot springs and other activities without the worry of weather.
* For information on rental cars, please see the Furano Area Access Page.


JR Furano Station

Station Rental Car and Toyota Rental Cars are available for car rentals. Extra caution is required for driving on snowy roads.


Furano Jam Farm and Anpanman Shop

Strawberries and Haskapp berries and pumpkin are some of the 35 types of jam made from produce grown here in Furano. In connection with the Jam Lady, Takashi Yanase's Anpanman shop was built and is a popular spot.


Recycled Houses
from TV Drama "From the Northern Country"

The house Goro built for Setsuko, [Sumie's House] that appears in the last episode, Jun and Yui's house which was completed in December, 2004, all are made from recycled items creating an extremely unique piece of architecture, so you want to take the time to see it properly.


Glass Forest

All kinds of glass ornaments and accessories, dishes and glasses and crystal collages are sold here, plus there is a crystal gallery and hand craft experience menu as well for your enjoyment. The [Shibare Glass] is created in the image of Furano's diamond dust and is an original product.

Take a break and walk along the road to Beberui at the foot of Mt. Furano and you will encounter a beautiful landscape of undulating hills. If you have time, stop in at the [Country Kitchen Shitokoko] which stands by a pond of welling springs and woods.

Sumio Goto Art Museum

Sumio Goto is a Japanese paintings artist who represents Japan, and over 130 of his works are displayed at the museum located at the foot of Tokachidake Mountain Range. On the second floor of the building is the restaurant [Furano Grill] which offers a commanding view of the Tokachi Mountain Range and luscious hills. Enjoy delicious meals made with local ingredients


Tokachidake Hot Springs

This hot spring, located at the highest altitude in Hokkaido, is a 100 % natural spring containing iron. Enjoy a leisurely bath where the air is clear and a vast panoramic view of the Tokachi Mountain Range spreads before you.


JR Furano Station