Furano-style travel suggestions

We have prepared several courses that will take you around some of the tourist sites in Furano. Please take advantage of this information when making your travel plans. Model courses are just an example of sightseeing. Be sure and plan your travel so that you have a leisurely stay in Furano. Let us, the Furano Tourism Association, help you plan your travel. Please inquire if you have any questions.

Feel the vast turf of Furano underfoot on the Trekking Course

Budo-ga-Oka and Furano Scenic Course

Enjoy the beautiful blessings of nature and the vast scenery of Furano. Depending on the speed at which you walk and how long you stay at each facility, this course usually takes about two to two and a half hours.


JR Furano Station

Coin lockers are available inside Furano Station, or Moriya Lavender Shop (souvenirs, rental cycles) will keep your large suitcases for you. (paid)



Delicious wine is made by taking advantage of the climate in Furano. Take a tour of the winery and grape juice factory. During the season for flowers you can enjoy the various colors of flowers and lavender fields.

Stop to catch your breath along the way at the observation deck or see the endless steps of the vineyard and Tokachi Mountain Range, some of the most beautiful scenic spots of Furano. [Campana Rokkatei] offers a free coffee service so you can stop in for a cup of coffee and enjoy the sweets made there.

Grape Juice Factory

Enjoy 100% Furano grown grape juice and grape soft cream.


JR Furano Station