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Furano City’s healthy course! This course takes you around the largest park in Furano that contains an 18-hole park golf course. The Kitanomine side is equipped with an exciting adt venture play area for children, and within the park you can see the “Hokusetsu-no-Tou” monument which commemorates the 91syear since the city was officially opened. The park is famous for cherry blossoms in May, and there is also a course that tours the 88 “Ojizou-sama” Buddhist statues.

Approx. 3.4km
Approx. 50 mins
Paved road. Hilly course.
Furano Bus (Using Goryo Line). *Furano Bus 0167-23-3131
Nisseki Forest Park. Asahigaoka park (near the summit).
Asahigaoka Park.
Reception Good.
Furano Police Station(110). Furano Fire Service(119)
Asahigaoka Park.
[450 029 590 *17]
Furano Nishi Hospital. 0167-23-6600
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