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This course takes you along the Beberui-kawa River, which springs from the northern part of Mt. Furano-dake. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the Tokachi mountain range and Mt. Taisetsuzan along this course. As this course takes you through the residential area behind the station, it is a little known course that is off the regular tourist trails.

Approx 5.2km
Approx 1hr 30 mins
Paved road-Gravel path.Flat Course
Furano Bus(Using Asamachi Line). Furano Bus 0167-23-3131
Nishikichou Park
Near Nishikichou Park
Reception Good.
Furano Police Station(110). Furano Fire Service(119)
Chuo-bashi Bridge
[349 062 174 *14]
Furano Nishi Hospital. 0167-23-6600

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