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A course connects JR Nunobe Station and JR Yamabe Station. This course takes you past the old abandoned asbestos mines.

A course approx. 6.2km. B course approx. 7.2km. C course approx. 7.8km.
A course approx 2hr. B course approx 2hr30mins. C course approx 2hr30mins
Paved road-Gravel path.Flat Course.
Furano Bus (Nishitappu Line). Furano Bus 0167-23-3131
JR Yamabe Sta. JR Nunobe Sta.
JR Yamabe Sta. JR Nunobe Sta.
Reception Good.
Furano Police Station(110). Yamabe Police Box.0167-42-2202
JR Yamabe Sta. JR Nunobe Sta.
[550 723 675*66] [550 571 036*22]
Furano Area Fire Department Association Yamabe Station. 0167-27-2302

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