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This course starts a 30-minute drive from Furano, and takes you around the idyllic Higashiyama and Nishitappu areas. This up-down course gives you plenty of time to enjoy the idyllic hilly scenery. It is also a little-known course, away from the regular tourist routes.
Do not enter the fields. Also, there are no toilets on this course.

Approx 10.0km
Approx 3h.
Paved road-Gravel path. Hilly course.
Furano Bus (Nishitappu Line). Furano Bus 0167-23-3131
There are no toilets on this course. Please use the toilets in the parking area 5km towards Furano.
Higashiyama Parking Area. Nishitappu Parking Area.
Reception Good.
Furano Police Station(110). Higashiyama Police Box.0167-27-2110
Furano Area Fire Department Association Yamabe Station. 0167-29-2201

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