Furano, the ski town

History of Furano Ski Resort

History of Furano Ski Resort
・In 1912,
skiing was first introduced to Hokkaido by Theodor von Lerch. Mountaineering enthusiasts brought in by the railroad begun to ski the winter slopes of Kitanomine, establishing it as a backcountry ski destination.
・In 1931,
Mr Jiro Hayashi (then with the Furano Office of the Forestry Bureau Sapporo Branch) built a cabin on Mt Furano Nishi-dake, and named it “Kitanomine Goya” (North Peak Cabin). The name “Kitanomine” stuck, and was eventually used in the development of Kitanomine Ski Resort.
・In 1947,
the 1st All Hokkaido Downhill Competition was held, establishing Furano’s history for major yearly competitions.
・In 1956,
Prince Takamatsu (younger brother of Emperor Shōwa, and an enthusiastic skier) was invited to the mountain. He remarked that “Furano’s excellent slopes would be better with ski lifts.
・In 1962,
citizens throughout the area raised funds to establish the “Kitanomine Tourism Development Corporation”, which outfitted and maintained the ski lodge and lift, marking the start of operation as a ski hill.
・In 1975,
the 30th National Ski Championships were held in Furano.
Alpine Ski World Cup was held in Furano, and the name of the ski resort was changed to “Furano Ski Resort” in order to promote the Furano region worldwide.
・In 1982,
the Furano Zone was opened.
・By 1995,
Furano had hosted 10 Alpine World Cup events.
Signatures of famous racers such as Jan Ingemar Stenmark, Phi Mahre,
Erika Hess, Pirmin Zurbriggen, Maria Walliser, Marc Girardelli and
Alberto Tomba can be seen at the Kitanomine Zone’s Shirakaba Hut.
・In 2002,
the Furano Ropeway (101 passengers) began operation
・The 2006
Snowboard World Cup was held in Furano
・The 2007
Snowboard World Cup was held in Furano
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