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Tour the TV and Movielocations

Touring the many locations where movies and dramas originating in Furano were filmed.

Beginning with the drama [From the Northern Country], which put Furano on the map, playwright So Kuramoto's "Furano Trilogy" including [Yasashii Jikan] and [Kazeno Garden] are far too famous. You can find locations throughout Furano and nearby towns where filming took place. Besides these famous dramas, [Karei-naru Ichizoku] starring Takuya Kimura, [Last Christmas] starring Yuji Oda and [Love Rain] starring Jang Keun-suk were filmed here in Furano. One fun way to enjoy Furano is to tour such location sites, but also speaking to the locals who helped with filming or launching the dramas. You may get to hear stories about how the dramas were filmed that no one else knows!

From the Northern Country

Written by So Kuramoto, human drama about the Kurosaka family and people surrounding them, unfolds on a stage set in the vast nature of Furano. Long-term location filming was carried out from 1981 - 2002 here in Hokkaido, and after the drama series was aired, 8 special sequels were released. In the Rokugo area which became the main area featured in the drama, "Goro's House Made of Stone", "The House he Made of Picked Up Used Things" and "Rokugo Forest" which were built by Goro during the filming remain standing to this day. There are many location sites in Furano city as well, and fans of [From the Northern Country] come to visit.

[Goro's Stone House]

[Open] Late April - Late November (closed during winter)

[Hours] AM9:30 - PM6:00 (closes earlier depending on the season)

[Admission] ¥500
Primary School Children(6-12yrs),Persons with disability(with certificate)¥300

[Goro's House Made of Picked Up Used Things]

[Open] All year

[Hours] AM9:30 - PM6:00 (closes earlier depending on the season),AM10:00 - PM4:00 (Late November - Mid-April)

[Admission] ¥500
Primary School Children(6-12yrs),Persons with disability(with certificate)¥300

Recall those special scenes on the TV Drama "From the Northern Country" Course

Yasashii Jikan (Gentle Time)

The Forest Clock Café located inside the Ningle Terrace of Shin Furano Prince Hotel was the stage for this drama which aired in 2005. A father and son attempt to re-connect despite the various human events that unfold. As soon as filming ended, the café opened as a real coffee shop called "Morino Tokei" or Forest Clock Cafe. At the counter, you can grind your own coffee beans just like in the drama.

[Open] All year (closed sometimes)

Kazeno Garden (Garden where the wind blows)

Kazeno Garden (Garden where the wind blows)

A British garden landscaped over period of 2 years since 2006, on the golf course within the premises of Shin Furano Prince Hotel. The gardens were designed by Sayuki Ueno, and was aired in October, 2008.
A man who is faced with death chooses Furano, where beautiful gardens blossom with various flowers as a place to spend the remainder of his life. [Hokkaido Garden], which boasts over 365 varieties of flowers is now open to the public under the name [Kaze-no-Garden], which means "Wind Garden."

Period: Late Apr. - Mid Oct. (scheduled)


AM 8:00 - PM6:00

AM 6:30 - PM 6:00(Mid-June - Late August)

AM 8:00 - PM 4:00(October)

final admission Half an hour ago

Admission ¥700 (shuttle service included)


In 2012, Yoon Seok-ho, director of the movie [Winter Sonata] portrays beautiful and romantic love on a stage set in winter in Furano. Jang Keun-suk and Yuna, from Girls' Generation, are the stars of the drama which was filmed against the backdrop of beautiful winter scenery in Furano.

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