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Do Not Enter Fields!

Beautiful flowers and magnificent scenery....sometimes tourists enter farm fields trying to capture a memory of their vacation on camera.

But wait! Stop! Do not go into the fields!

Why can't I go into the fields?

Although you cannot see them, harmful pathogens and pests are hidden in the soil. Farmers control these bacteria and pests by swapping agricultural products each year or cultivating disease-resistant varieties.

However, if tourists enter a field, and then enter other fields, the soil on their shoes will transfer the bacteria to the other fields. Occasionally, entire crops have been destroyed by these incidents. In some cases, the fields themselves have been permanently damaged, and the farmer cannot grow crops on them anymore.

The beautiful rural landscape of Furano was created 120 years ago by farmers, and the farmers today continue to raise crops for us to eat, and to also enjoy the scenery. In order to leave this beautiful landscape to the next generation, we ask for your cooperation to stay out of the fields.