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JR Takikawa Train Service Suspended

Train service between Furano and Takikawa has been indefinitely suspended due to a collision with one of the JR bridges by a truck carrying a large power shovel. Inspection is underway to determine the extent of the damage to the bridge, and no date for resumption of service has been provided at this point.

JR is providing bus service in place of the train, with the buses departing from bus stop #2 in front of Furano station at the regularly scheduled train times. However, due to the variables of traffic and road conditions, the travel time varies from between 40-80 minutes to arrive at Takikawa station.

Travelers wishing to travel by train from Furano to Sapporo should keep this in mind when planning itineraries, and provide enough time to make their connection in Takikawa, or consider taking the Chuo Bus service directly from Furano to Sapporo.

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