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Children's Day

Children's Day

May 5 is Children's Day in Japan, a national holiday, and part of the Golden Week cluster of holidays.

Originally known as Boy's Day, it was changed to Children's Day in 1948. The origins go back more than 1300 years, and has come to be associated with the spring planting of rice, gratitude for children, and encouraging boys to be strong and perseverant. Doll-sized Samurai armor sets are purchased by joyous grandparents and proudly displayed in the child's home, hoping to instill the martial spirit into the lad.
Carp flags are flown in the spring breeze. Carp are renowned for their perseverance, another excellent quality to teach youngsters.

Here is a picture showing how many flowers have been planted so far at Farm Tomita. Only a bit. Call it less than 10%. Still too early. In fact, it will get down to 2 C in a few days -- far too cold for most flowers...except for the tulips. They are proudly blooming.

See you in Furano.