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Walk/Run Me Eating Asparagus Festival

Wow, what a mouthful of a name for an event! Well, at least it has food involved. ?
This event explores the outskirts of Furano in a little town called Rokugo. A long-running TV drama was filmed here, so everyone in Japan knows about this place. Located about 20 km from downtown Furano, it is the epitome of quaint, rural Hokkaido.

You have the choice to either run (12 km) or walk (5 km), and then a yummy lunch, obviously featuring asparagus.

If you're going to be in Furano in early June, consider joining. You can be sure of making local friends.

See you in Furano.

Date: June 2
Time: 9:00--9:30 (assembly); 9:45--START
Location: Rokugo Village Center
Registration Deadline: May 31
Cost: Adults 4,000 yen, Under 18 1,000 yen.