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Hokkaido Powder Guides

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Furano Off-piste Day Tours
To get the most out of the Furano area, a day trip or two to a nearby ski resort is highly recommended. Furano serves as an ideal location to access other resorts in the Central Hokkaido region. The snow in this area is some of the lightest powder in the world due to cold temperatures and low humidity levels.
Within 90 minutes drive of Furano are the resorts of Kamui Ski Links, Asahidake and Tomamu. Each resort receives snow from different wind directions and so there are always good powder options.
You will be instructed in safety equipment use before the start of the day. Groups are equipped with radios for communication with the guide.

Furano Backcountry Day Tours
Just forty minutes from Furano is the southern end of Daisetsuzan National Park, sometimes referred to as the 'Playground of the Gods.'
It is the largest national park in Japan and gets an amazing amount of light and dry snow. There are no lifts here and very few people, just incredible backcountry skiing in spectacular wilderness.
A highlight is to finish with a soak in the area's natural hot thermal springs.

Expect 2-3 hours skinning for skiers or snow-shoeing for snowboarders over the course of the day and then vertical descents of around 700 meters.

Area Furano
Address Kitanomine-chou 2-14, Furano-shiMAP
Telephone Number 0167-22-5655
Email Address For inquire by email please click here.
URL For viewing official site, please click here.
Business Hours 9:00AM until 6:00PM closing subject to change
Activity Menu Back country skiing, snowboarding, dairy tour, ofupisute tour
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