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Sightseeing Farms and Orchards

Yoshida Farm

Key Word

Furano Melons, Ice cream, Watermelon, Corn

This local farm just south of Furano grows melon, sweet corn, watermelon, potatoes, and makes their own original melon ice cream, which you can purchase in a melon bowl.

You can also pay to go into the greenhouses and cut your own melon to take home with you.

Area Furano
Address Yamabe Higashi 13-sen 12-banchi, Furano-shiMAP
Telephone Number 0167-42-3187
Access from nearby station Bus from Furano JR Station (#3) to Nishitappu:
Get off at 14-sen Stop (after 12-sen and 13-sen, after Nunobe)
>>One-way: 360yen, ~20min.
Business Hours 7:00AM until 6:00PM, no closures (June to September, October to May is closed)
*morning and late afternoon is recommended (12PM ~ 2PM can be hot in the greenhouses)
Shipping Options Possible
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