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Agricultural Products/Processed Foods

Yamazaki Melon Farm

Representative of the Furano "King Ruby (the melon that is red on the inside)", including the "King Melty (the melon that is green on the inside)", "King Beauty (green)", "Autumn King (red)," and has been producing and many other types of melons you.

Watermelon is, "Kodama watermelon", "Summer orange", such as "rugby watermelon", "gold of eggs", we have produced about rare including Watermelon, 16 types unobtainable elsewhere.

Corn, sweet can be eaten even raw "Pure White" is very popular, but "Peter corn" and "Honey bantam" also fan are many, such as we have arranged to shop by harvesting the morning every day.

In the fall you will enjoy, such as pumpkin and potatoes.
You can tasting a boiled corn in the store and also you can take it away. enjoy it with watching the flower garden!
Please contact us by phone more information such as timing and varieties.
To have a commitment and we have cherish production.
Drive by car from From Furano Train Station follow the route No.38 to Obihiro direction.

Yellow building in melon logo, is the yellow sign and Meloncar the mark. (It is next to the farm Yamazaki)

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Aza yamabe higashi 17 sen 10 banchi, Furano-shiMAP

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