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Hoshini Tegatodokuoka Campsite

Key Word

Genghis Kahn (lamb and vegitables),Soft Cream/Parfaits,BBQ,Campsites,Handmade goods crafting experince,Group Tour,Study Abroad

This camp site is a 15 minute drive from JR Nakafurano Station. Located in quiet setting with beautiful natural scenery, this campsite offers a relaxing getaway. There are Lavender & sunflower gardens, some gift shops and can take Healthy Mongolian BBQ inside there. You can also feed and play with sheep and rabbits and so on. Enjoy chat with your family and friends under the beautiful stars in the night.

Area Nakafurano
Address Beberui, Nakafurano-chouMAP
Telephone Number 090-1302-1422
Access from nearby station 20 minutes from JR Furano station, 15 minutes from JR Nakafurano station
Business Hours 11:00AM until 5:00PM open from Golden Week in April until Mid October
Dining Menu Suffolk Mongolian BBQ, Hitsuji no oka Mongolian BBQ, grilled vegitable set, various seasonal sweets
Activity Menu Ice cream making activities, between Golden Week in May through October
Online Shopping Options possible (mongolian BBQ)
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