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Flower Farms and Gardens

  • 写真なし

Hinode Park & Kamifurano Hinode Park Auto Camp site

This beautiful farm is located just outside of downtown Kami Furano. Kami Furano is the first place in Japan to see the new seasons lavender bloom. Wedding ceremonies are held every year as a part of"Lavender Festival"in July. There is an auto camp site in Hinode Park.

'Hinode park' in Kamifurano Lavender information 2013

Unfortunately owing to problems with the lavender plants, Kamifurano Town has had to do some major replanting work in the 'Hinode Park' Lavender Field this year. Next year the Lavender Fields are expected to return to their normal beautiful spectacle.

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Hinodekouen Higashi 1sen kita 27gou, Kamifurano-chou, Sorachi-gunMAP

Telephone Number


Access from nearby station

15 minutes on foot from JR Kami Furano Station (Approx 1.5 km)

Business Hours

24 hours