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Events & Festivals

Furano Wine Festival

Key Word

This festival is not just for wine lovers, it is especially fun for wine lovers, but everyone seems to love this festival. Furano is often alive with autumn beautiful colours at this time of year with the trees just starting to change colour and a cool change in the air.

All the fields are being harvested and you can buy and sample wine all produced locally in Furano.

You can enjoy seasonal delights such as fresh corn on the cob, pumpkin dumplings, and cheese pancakes. There are many events, including wine barrel races, barefoot grape stomping, and pumpkin weight-guessing contests.

The festival provides a great atmosphere with the locals all coming for drinking, socializing and a fun festival with barbeques smoking away and drinks flowing. Children can entertain themselves by watching the array of shows and demonstrations or by making crafts and playing throughout the festival site.

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Address Hinode-machi, Furano-shi, Hokkaido
Telephone Number 0167-39-2312
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