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Home-style Cooking Activities

Marugoto Taiken Village@Yamabe

Key Word

Hands-on Experience, Eco-friendly, soba making, weaving, natural dyeing, japanese craft making, wood working, park golf, nature watching 

We offer a variety of hands-on programs straight from Yamabe, a region resplendent with nature and nestled in the majestic shadow of Mt. Ashibetsudake.
Our menu of programs consists of original experiences that are both "local" and "eco-friendly." The "Soba Noodle Making" experience uses locally grown buckwheat flour and Furano's all-natural mineral water "Genshi no Izumi" along with Silkie Hen eggs harvested right here in Yamabe. The "Craft Making"program uses fabric recycled from kimono rescued from forgotten dresser drawers. Experience one for yourself!

Area Furano
Address Minami-machi 6-27, Yamabe, Furano-shi
Telephone Number 080-5725-2843
URL For viewing official site, please click here.
Access from nearby station A 20 minute drive from JR Furano Station
Business Hours Business hours vary (please inquire by telephone or email.)
Booking Hours 9:00am - 5:00pm (closed on Sat., Sun., and Holidays)
Activity Menu Activities Menu
Eco-friendly, hands-on experiences
Soba Noodle Making, Rich and Creamy Pudding Making, Sansaizuke (pickled fish and vegetables) Making, Japanese Craft Making, Accesory Making, Decoupage (paper craft) Soap Making, Weaving, Natural Dyeing, Practical Origami, Kocarina Performance, Woodworking Crafts, Recycle Plant Tours
Notes Nature Watching, Park Golf, Blue-berried Honeysuckle Picking
* Business Hours: Available by Appointment Only (Reservations can be made by both telephone and email until 5:00pm of the day before the requested date.)
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