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Let's play with us,'urespa-furano'! urespa-furano would like to offer you something more Furano local's community, like Furano melon producing farmers and our friendly local people in Furano.Our concept is more Furano's true story. Urespa-furano is interpreter between you and our Furano's lovely people through farming petit experience, berry picking in the farm. Sometime, down river, e-bike these out door fun activities are great options for communication tools with Furano locals!! We hope, Furano is your second hometown.through our programs.See you in Furano!

Area Furano
Address 9-5, Higashimachi, Furano city, 076-0053 HokkaidoMAP
Telephone Number 090-6261-9668
Email Address For inquire by email please click here.
URL For viewing official site, please click here.
Access from nearby station 15 min. on foot, 5 min. by car, Pick-up service
Business Hours 8 am - 5 pm (Office)
Activity Menu Farming experience
Activity Menu Berry picking, Melon harvesting experience and more petit farm visit program
Activity Menu Petit Farming experience, down river, paddling, canoeing, e-bike tour, Furano life style experiences
Admission Fees YES
Notes We will arrange private tour with English guide. Please contact us.
Suggestions from local shops!



Furano farm tour in 'Summer season! Furano local experience tours! urespa+furano

Do you have any plans for Furano trip?? Where? what's to do? What's waiting you???

Here is great opportunities for your next adventure in Furano!
We are offering local experience tours!
All of tours will be guided by Furano local & Furano specialist.

Here is our recommendation for your family holiday in Furano.
This is absolutely 100% fun & local experience for you!

*Summer farming experience
*Outdoor cooking & seasonable vegetables harvesting
*Farm camp overnight tour!
*E-Bike guided cycling tour

Please visit our official website;

We will support your planing for your holiday to Furano, as well!
Please visit our official website, do not hesitate to contact us with your any inquiry.

We are happy to support!
See you soon!

(English OK)
Inquiry & booking: 090-6261-9668
inquiry e-mail:

キャンピングトレーラーキャンプ&ファーム体験ツアー Camping Trailer RV camp & Farm tour in Furano

キャンピングトレーラーキャンプ&ファーム体験ツアー Camping Trailer RV camp & Farm tour in Furano

キャンプツアーでは、炭火で焼くBBQや、ダッチオーブンで地元食材を使ってアウトドアクッキング〜。 Outdoor cooking with dutchoven!

キャンプツアーでは、炭火で焼くBBQや、ダッチオーブンで地元食材を使ってアウトドアクッキング〜。 Outdoor cooking with dutchoven!

E-Bikeガイドツアー in 富良野 E-Bike guided touring in Furano

E-Bikeガイドツアー in 富良野 E-Bike guided touring in Furano

ウレシパ・フラノ ウェルカムメッセージ urespa+furano welcome message

季節のお野菜収穫体験&手作りピザの青空クッキング Seasonal veggies picking & homemade pizza outdoor cooking experience

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