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Factory and Studio Tours

Furano Cheese Factory


Key Word

Milking Experience,Furano Cheese,Sweets/ Pudding,Production and Distribution,Direct Marketing/from produce area,Furano Cheese,Cheese,Butter,Furano Milk,Iced milk,Pizza,Handmade goods crafting experince,Sample foods

The cheese and the ice cream are all
popular products made from fresh
Furano milk. The delicious pizza
toppings are made from local Furano
produce. The workshops are very
popular. Bookings recommended.

Area Furano
Address Nakagoku, Furano-shiMAP
Telephone Number 0167-23-1156
Access from nearby station About 9 minutes by car from JR Furano Station
Business Hours April to October 9:00AM until 5:00PM, November to March 9:00AM until 4:00PM no closeures (New years holiday and maintenance will be closed)
Online Shopping Options possible
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