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Famous Sights/Scenic Spots

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Asahigaoka Park
Furano area
Park,Sakura,Namako mountain,Hundred scenes of Japan,Walking,Athletic

Asahigaoka park has a nick name "Namako Yama, Sea Cucumber Mountain". Here you can enjoy viewing 3000 cherry blossoms bloom in mid May. The views of downtown Furano and Mt. Tokachidake are also picturesque. ..

Address Shimo-Goryou, Furano-shi


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Choei Lavender Farm & Nakafurano Flower Park
Gardens,Flowers,Lavender,Ski,Lift,Hokusei Mountain

Located directly across the valley from the smoking volcano, Mt. Tokachidake, this beautiful lavender and flower farm is certainly worth the visit. You can ride the ski lift up the hill over the lavender fiel..

Address Miyamachi 1 ban 41 gou, Nakafurano-chou

TEL 0167-44-2123

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Chushin-Hyou Park
Furano area

'Chushin-Hyou' or 'Centre marker' is just that, a rock used to mark the spot which is the geographical centre of Hokkaido. Tourists are often found taking a photo to prove that they've been here!



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Farm Tomita
Nakafurano area
Aroma Therapy,Gardens,Dry Flowers,Lavender,Souvenirs,Original Goods,Cafes,Curry,Sweets/ Pudding,Soft Cream/Parfaits,Croquettes,Buttered Potato,Burger,Book,Stationary,Gift,cosmetics

Lavender flowers and other colourful flowers are at their best in the vast natural fields. Even in the middle of winter, lavender flowers can be viewed in the warm greenhouse.

Address Hokusei, Nakafurano-chou

TEL 0167-39-3939

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Flower Land Kamifurano
Kamifurano area
Pressed Flowers,Gardens,Dry Flowers,Tractors,Flowers,Lavender

Pretty flowers bloom one after another from May until September. The farms choice of flowers ensures a long flowering season. This enables guests who come at anytime during the non-winter months to be able to..

Address Nishi 5 sen Kita 27 gou, Kamifurano-chou

TEL 0167-45-9480

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Fukiage Onsen
Kamifurano area
Love Rain,KITANOKUNI KARA,Outdoor Bath,Free

Fukiage Onsen is one of the great secrets of Hokkaido. Located on Mt. Tokachidake in the middle of the woods, this natural hot spring bathing spot is not only free, but also open 24 hours a day. The parking l..

Address Fukiage, Kamifurano-chou, Sorachi-gun

TEL 0167-45-6938(上富良野産業振興課)

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Furano Jam Garden
Furano area
Jam Making Experience

The handmade jams are made from just about every fruit and vegetable you could imagine or have heard of. The jams are all available for tasting with little pieces of bread provided. There are chutneys and a ..

Address Higashi-Rokugou 3, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-29-2233

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