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Hand-crafts Activities

Ningle Terrace

Ningle Terrace

Furano area

  • Souvenirs
  • Original Goods
  • Glass
  • Catalog Shopping
  • Craft making

Ninguru Terrace is a beautiful collection of boutique cottages, housing specialty arts and crafts along with their creators. The creators sit there in the shops displaying and making more of their products as..

New Furano Prince Hotel nai, Naka-Goryou, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-22-1111

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Leisure Guide Asobiya

Leisure Guide Asobiya

Furano area

  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Smelt Fishing
  • River
  • Outdoors
  • Indoors
  • Rafting
  • Playing in the snow
  • Activity
  • Mountain

To the hills, to the rivers, and to the skies. Soar across distant snow-covered fields and mountain paths only accessible by snowmobile. Overlook the panoramic beauty of the Furano valley and snow-capped m..

Gakuden 3 ku 4746, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-22-0534

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Glass Forest in Furano

Glass Forest in Furano

Furano area

  • Glass
  • Glass Balls
  • Lavender
  • SHIBARE Glass
  • Manufacturing Experience
  • Glass Blowing
  • Gel candle
  • Sand paintings

Varieties of tableware, burner works, small pieces, and accessories made in the glass studio are displayed in the shop complex next-door. You can try blowing glass and making other glass works in the offered ..

Rokugou-Shigaichi 3, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-39-9088

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Flower Box "L'ecrin Flower" hands on workshop

Flower Box "L'ecrin Flower" hands on workshop

Furano area

L'ecrin Flower is a treasure box full of flowers. "L'ecrin" actually means "treasure box" in French. By sealing the plants in an air-tight, three dimensional box specifically designed to avoid discolorati..

Kasuga-chou 8-5, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-23-4660

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Marugoto Taiken Village@Yamabe

Marugoto Taiken Village@Yamabe

Furano area

  • Hands-on Experience
  • Eco-friendly
  • soba making
  • weaving
  • natural dyeing
  • japanese craft making
  • wood working
  • park golf
  • nature watching

We offer a variety of hands-on programs straight from Yamabe, a region resplendent with nature and nestled in the majestic shadow of Mt. Ashibetsudake. Our menu of programs consists of original experiences t..

Minami-machi 6-27, Yamabe, Furano-shi

TEL 080-5725-2843

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Furano area

  • Pottery
  • Experience
  • Electric Potter's wheel

Noragama is only pleasant walk from the centre of town. The cafe and pottery gallery itself is a traditional Japanese farm house which has been simply renovated to feel like you just stepped into Japan of 50 ..

Shimogoku, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-22-8929

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Oribito-no-sato' Wool Hand Weaving Workshop

Oribito-no-sato' Wool Hand Weaving Workshop

Furano area

  • Woven Products
  • Dyed Products
  • Living Needs
  • Production and Distribution
  • Coaster
  • dyed gauze skarf
  • Scarf
  • Shawl
  • tapestry
  • Carpet

Kitanomine-chou 4-21, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-23-3391

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