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Hot Springs

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New Furano Prince Hotel
Golf,Ski,Snowboard,Amenities,Hot Springs,Day Trip Bath,Hotel,Restaurant (non-hotel guests)

New Furano Prince Hotel is the most famous hotel in the Furano area. It is a true ski-in ski-out hotel surrounded by great restaurants, bars, activities and sightseeing choices. New Furano Prince Hotel is th..

Address Naka-Goryou, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-22-1111

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Highland Furano
Furano area
Lavender,Outdoor Bath,Banquets and Parties,Restaurant,Hot Springs,Day Trip Bath,Rehabilitation,Inpediment removal,BBQ

Enjoy unforgettable views of Furano's magnificent nature through the four seasons. Our menu features fresh local produce.

Address Shimanoshita, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-22-5700

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La Terre Onsen
Nakafurano area
Outdoor Bath,Banquets and Parties,Hot Springs,Day Trip Bath,Hotel,creative cuisine,Tokachi Mountain range,Room with Outdoor Bath

Furano La Terre houses a total of 15 different styles of natural hot spring baths. All seven types of guest rooms offer mountain views. Room types include bi-floor "maisonette"-style, Japanese-s..

Address Higashi 1 sen Kita 18 gou, Nakafurano-chou

TEL 0167-39-3100

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Furanui Hot Spring Hotel
Kamifurano area
Hot Springs,Banquets and Parties,Local Cuisine,Japanese Food,Hot Springs,Day Trip Bath

It is rich in natural hot springs that flow multiplied by the source that contains some carbonate at the foot of Tokachi mountain, Hinode Kouen park is near the scent of lavender.

Address Shinmachi 4chome 4 ban 25 Gou, Kamifurano-chou

TEL 0167-45-9779

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Hakuginso Onsen
Kamifurano area

Good variety of indoor and outdoor baths with 100% natural hot spring water! Baths divided into male and female sections as well as rare outdoor family area where both male and female visitors can bathe to..

Address Tokachidake, Kamifurano-chou

TEL 0167-45-4126

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Kamifurano area
Hot Springs

Kamihoro-sou stands in the remote peaks of Tokachi-dake in just about the centre of Hokkaido. Enjoy gazing into the sea of clouds, sunset, or stars from the open-air baths. Free pick-up service available. Ple..

Address Honchou 1-2-14, Biei-chou, Kamikawa-gun

TEL 0167-45-2970

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Ryounkaku Tokachidake Onsen
Kamifurano area
Restaurant, Hot Springs, Day Trip, Bath

Ryounkaku Onsen (Hot Springs) is located 1,280m above sea level. The outdoor bath offers a spectacular view of the Tokachi-dake Volcano. The onsen also offers accommodations, which is ideal for back-country s..

Address Tokachidake Onsen, Kamifurano-chou, Sorachi-gun

TEL 0167-39-4111

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