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Furano Trekking Support YUMA
Horse trekking,dogsled,


TEL 0167-23-5110

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Furano Trekking Support 'Yuma'
Horseback Riding,dogsled,

Address Naka-Goryou 4 sen, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-23-5110

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Outdoor Centre 'Donkoro'
Minamifurano area
Dog Sled,Curling,Canoes,Camping,Ducky Boat,Trekking,Back Country,Rafting,Mountain Bike,Nature Walking

Address Ochiai 1074, Minamifurano-chou

TEL 0167-53-2171

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Minamifurano Community Development and Tourism Association
Information Centers,Venison,Natsuhiko,Kanayama Lake,Fireworks Show,Lavender,Dog Sled,Smelt Fishing

Tourist information

Address Azaikutora 1003-44, Minamifurano-chou, Sorachi-gun

TEL 0167-39-7000

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