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"登山 トレッキング" Search Showing 1-7 out of 7 results
Furano Ski Resort
Furano area
Ski & Snowboard,ski area, snow sports, snow activities, MTB trail downhill. Tracking and Hiking, Mt. Nishidake

The Furano Ski Resort is located in a quaint Japanese city in the centre of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. The city is easily accessed through major airports in Asahikawa and Sapporo. In the wi..

Address Naka-Goryou, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-22-1111

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Alpine Visitor Center
Furano area
Air Board,Snow Shoes,Trekking,Hot Air Balloons,Rafting,Smelt Fishing,Outdoors,Experience,Tour,Japanese pond smelt,snowmobile

Here at Alpine Backpackers, we have a great rustic style lodge right by the ski resort, over looking Furano with a view that stretches to the Taisetsuzan Range and a smoking volcano. We have many tours to su..

Address Kitanomine-chou 14-6, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-22-1311

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Mt. Ashibetsu Dake
Furano area
Mountain Climbing,Trekking,Camp Sites,Taiyou no sato,Yufure River,Sandan Falls

Trekking to Mt. Ashibetsu Dake begins at Taiyo no Sato Park in Yamabe. There are two routes, Kyu-dou and Shin-dou. Shin-dou takes you 4hrs and climb up and 3hrs to walk down. Both routes are suitable..

Address Yamabe, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-39-2312(富良野市役所商工観光課)

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Mt. Furanodake and Genshigahara Wetlands
Mountain Climbing,Trekking,Alpine Plants,Genshigahara,Ninguru Forest

You can climb up Mt. Furano dake enjoying trekking through spectacular scenery. Genshigahara Wetlands has two routes the 5hrs and 20min. (3hrs and 50min. down) and the Taki /Waterfall Course a 4 and a half..

Address Furanoshi

TEL 0167-39-2312(富良野市役所商工観光課)

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Furano area
Ski,Mountain Climbing,Trekking,Shin Furano Prince Hotel

There are 3 ways to get to the top of Furano nishidake Moutain (1331.1 Meters). The first is to walk along the mountain stream for around 3 and a half hours (3 hours downhill), from the old road number 5 bus ..

Address Naka-Goryou, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-39-2312(富良野市役所商工観光課)

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Pension Landscape Furano
Kamifurano area
Canoes,Kayak,Snow Shoes,Ducky Boat,Trekking,Hot Air Balloons,Rafting

Address Nishi 2 sen Kita 28 Gou, Kamifurano-chou

TEL 0167-39-4711

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Outdoor Centre 'Donkoro'
Minamifurano area
Dog Sled,Curling,Canoes,Camping,Ducky Boat,Trekking,Back Country,Rafting,Mountain Bike,Nature Walking

Address Ochiai 1074, Minamifurano-chou

TEL 0167-53-2171

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