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Flying Dolphins Adventure Service

Key Word Canoes,Canyoning,Snow Shoes,Ducky Boat,Rafting,Wild Lake,River boating

Our outdoor tours have been discussed and simulated a lot within our staffs to provide safety and satisfactory trip for our customer.
We consider age bracket and its safety issues, and bear in mind that all customer can enjoy trips.
Let's enjoy magnificent nature around Furano with us!

Greenland, Shimizuyama, Furano-shiMAP
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rafting, family rafiting, canyoning, Canoeing
Wilderness Hot Spring Tour (Outdoor Bath), Snowshoe, Mountain Hiking Tour, Snowshoe Rental

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Flying Dolphins Adventure Service

Rafting, Canyoning, Ducky, Canadian canoeing

富良野初 SUPツアー キャニオニング 自然のスライダー 力を合わせて川下り:ラフティング

Flying dolphins rafting, canyoning, ducky, canadian canoeing services will start on April 29.
Please make the best smile and memories at the beautiful river, lake.
We will support you with full power.

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Sorachigawa River Rafting
Our most popular
Experience from 4 years old

Chubetsugawa River Rafting
Asahikawa Airport, 15 minutes from Asahiyama Zoo
Experience from 4 years old

Mukawa River Rafting
The most torrent in Hokkaido

Family Rafting
Enjoy with family menu experience menu

Adventure tour that uses naturally formed terrain or jumps into a river and goes down a mountain stream
Popularity soaring

River descending on a one or two-person boat

Last year's typhoon suffered the damage that our equipment was shed, but the river is ready to enjoy as before.
Please experience it with confidence.

For details, please check on our homepage.

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