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Furano!The perfect place to play your heart out in every season!

Harvesting Experience/Directly from the Farm

Harvesting Experience

Tourism which allows visitors "hands on experience" besides "seeing" sights is drawing more and more attention. In Furano agricultural experiences for student trips are popular and recently this idea has been incorporated into travel plans for private travelers, and families with children are often seen enjoying such experiences. Harvesting asparagus, digging for potatoes, and strawberry picking is pretty standard while other experiences include blueberry, cassis, haskapp and raspberry picking.

Directly from the farm

Furano is an agricultural kingdom which among other areas in Hokkaido produces large amounts of products. Further, it boasts a large variety of vegetables, grains and fruit that is harvested, promising something tasteful each season. Because farmers want visitors to be handed the product when it is at its most delicious time, many farms take extra measures to sell their products directly, which is why you find the road lined with flags advertising [Sold Directly from the Farm]. In April Asparagus is in season, and throughout summer there are melons, from fall there is corn, potatoes, grains and root vegetables. Be sure and take home the fresh taste of Furano.

Furano Melons/ Melon Road

Furano Melons, known for their high sugar content and juiciness are a product of Furano's fertile land and extreme difference in temperature. Each and every sweet melons are carefully grown. There are many Furano Melon farms around Furano, however, along Route 38 toward Yamabe and Route 237 toward Biei the melon farms happen to be concentrated along the highways, giving these two highways the nickname [Furano Melon Road]. Not only can you buy melons directly from the farmer, but there are some farms which offer harvesting experiences as well.
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