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Furano!The perfect place to play your heart out in every season!

Furano is surrounded by such vast nature with a commanding view of the Taisetsu - Tokachidake Mountain Range, Ashibetsu and Yubari mountains. During winter the nearby Kitanomine area and Furano area are combined into one large winter ski resort. Skiers and snowboarders from around the world gather in search of high quality snow. During summer all kinds of flowers bloom at once, and the much awaited outdoor life begins. Rafting and canoeing can be enjoyed on the Sorachi River, Mukawa River and at Lake Kanayama. From mountain climbing to foot baths, there are so many things to do in every season for everyone from kids to grandparents. The fact that so many things can be experienced in one place makes Furano a special place to visit.

Nature Experiences (Nature Map)

This map shows places in Furano where one can easily come in contact with nature. We will show you Easy Nature Points you can stop in at without hassle, and Full Gear Nature Points which require visitors to prepare accordingly. We have also put Nature View Points where you can get the best view of Furano City.

Northern Animals

There are many wild animals in Furano that cannot be seen in Honshu such as the Ezo Brown Bear, Ezo Deer, Northern Fox, Ezo Flying Squirrels. There are also many wild birds including the Black Woodpecker and other birds like the Ural Owl and Hazel Grouse that can be seen in Furano and surrounding area.


Nature in Furano provides many ways to [play]! There is rafting, hot air balloon rides, climbing, fishing and skiing that takes your senses on a ride through Furano's great outdoors, to harvesting and cooking with Furano produce. There is something for everyone to do including families with small children to groups of friends.

Summer Activities
Winter Activities
Harvesting Experience/
Directly from the Farm

Rules and manners for entering the forest

There are a few points that you need to take caution of in order to safely enjoy the vast nature Furano has to offer. Here we will introduce a few of these points.

Mountain Climbing Rules and Manners

In order to safely enjoy the nature in Furano, and to hand down this precious nature to generations to come there are some rules that we all need to keep. Obey the rules and be mindful of manners and enjoy climbing and hiking in the mountains.

Rokugo Photo Map

This is a photo map for Rokugo District located at the foot of the Tokachidake Mountain Range. This spot with a commanding view of Tokachidake was also used in the drama [Kitano Kunikara]. A detailed explanation of filming locations is also given. [Nature View Points] are also shown on the Nature Map, so be sure to stop in on your journey.

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