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Furano!The perfect place to play your heart out in every season!

Winter Activities

Big snowy mountain area
'Hokkaido Powder Belt'

Ski, Snowboard, Teremark and backcountry skiing and any other snow sports. For untouched powder lovers, Furano is also a great base to discover other resorts, ski hills or backcountry mountains in the central Hokkaido area, with Kamui, Tomamu and Asahidake all within day-trip distance

Snowshoes Trekking

Trek through the beautiful natural surrounds on a pair of snowshoes. Wearing and walking with snowshoes is an experience in itself, add to this the incredible nature and you have the mix for a fun tour. Each tour is accompanied by one of our professional guides who will take you through the winter wonderland that is Furano and Rokugou. If you’re lucky enough you might happen upon deer or foxes as you wander over the mountains and hills. Drinks and snowshoes are provided.

Snow activities

Take time out to experience some snow based adventure such as hot air ballooning, ice hole fishing, snow mobile touring, snow shoe touring and snow tubing.

Hot Air Balloon(Free Flight)

Rise up to 1000m and float over Furano and close to the Taisetsusan Mountain Range. Everyone should have this experience at least once in their lifetime. At this altitude you'll often see diamond dust, which makes it appear as though thousands of diamonds are flying around you. On a clear day the views stretch over the fields and over many of the snow covered peaks.

Dog sledding

Dog Sledding is an incredible experience for anyone. The dogs are jumping and rearing to take you around the course at some top speeds and they will be bounding up and down ready as soon as they see the sled put into position for a run. The dogs are beautifully well kept animals that enjoy the rides as much as the guests and trainers.

Ice Hole Fishing

Try your luck fishing for pond smelt. You can deep-fry your catch and some local mushrooms right there on the ice as you fish. It's always an experience to tell your friends about. Your guide will help you drill through the ice & relax in the beautiful surroundings, sitting on the lake fishing. It is not uncommon to see deer, foxes and other wildlife.

Furano Ski Festival

The Ski Festival is one of the biggest events in Furano’s winter season. Held at Furano ski area at the base of the Kitanomine Zone, the festival has many events, including a fireworks display and outdoor bazaar. Everyone is welcome to enter this event and try for the prize. This festival brings warmth and laughter to Hokkaido’s cold winter.
Big air competitions and a fireworks display are held on the Saturday night with warm drinks, hot food and beer and wine flowing around the festival.
Kids are kept entertained with an array of events and games. There is even a massive snow castle where you can slide down on the ice slides from the top of the castle back down to the bottom.

Snow Night Fantasy
'Furano Kan Kan Mura'

Located in front of the New Furano Prince Hotel, the Kan Kan Mura is home to a snow dome and ice bar which has been made using 2000 blocks of snow, and the longest Snow Tubing course in Japan (201m long) The pathways have snow sculptures and illuminations on the way for an enjoyable walk too. Snow rafting and Hot air Ballooning is also available! Open from the end of December until early March (depending on snow conditions)

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