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Furano!The perfect place to play your heart out in every season!

Summer Activities

Rafting is one of the most popular summer activities in Furano and the surrounding areas. Sorachi River provides a perfect location for fun and exciting rafting. Any one from 6 years up can experience the thrill of rafting from April 25th to the end of October. The snowmelt in Spring provides rushing water and some good rapids. The summer season is beautiful with the clear water and abundant nature. All season you can use dry suits although in summer you may like to just wear a wet suit. There are a number of different rivers and tours.

Cruising down Sorachi in an inflatable canoe (ducky) with your family or friends is an amazing way to enjoy the wonderful natural scenery this area has to offer. Lifejackets, helmets, dry-suits and shoes are provided.

For first timers & experienced fisherman alike, this tour takes in much of Furano's nature & allows you to have a great go at catching some fish. Guides have a BBQ going right there next to the river, so when you reel in your fish you can cook it up there and then.


An English-style footpath through scenery resembling European farmland. From spring through autumn, you can stroll through the fields of the Furano-Biei area, map in hand, feeling the sun and the breeze.

Nordic Walking

As you walk with a pole in each hand, you'll find yourself standing up straight, taking big strides and feeling the cool breeze. Originally a Northern European form of ski training, you can enjoy Nordic walking through the natural landscapes of the Furano-Biei area year-round.

Parasailing is an amazing activity for all. Glide up high and soar like a bird over the snow covered countryside. Sitting up so high you have an amazing opportunity to really take in the beauty of the area. All safety equipment is provided.

Golf & Park Golf

Furano is home to a number of golf and park golf courses. For golf enthusiasts, the Tokachidake Mountain Range as your backdrop and scarcity of other golfers on the golf course, makes for an relaxing and unforgettable golfing experience. For those who want a chance to experience something new, park golf is just that! It was sport invented in Hokkaido, and is extremely popular amongst the locals. Park golf can best be described as mini golf or putt putt golf on grass. It is a nice way to spend a couple of hours with friends outside, without being too strenuous. All you need is a ball and a club which can be rented at all park golf facilities, some flat shoes, and a bit of determination!

Hiking (Trekking)

Furano is surrounded by the Daisetsu-zan National Park. There is no better way to enjoy this natural wonder than to join us a tour on a leisurely hike through the forest with a friendly and knowledgeable guide. Choose between a half-day, or if you are feeling intrepid, a full-day hike through some of the most beautiful natural scenery you are likely to find in Hokkaido. The hike involves climbing one of the many mountains in the national park and upon reaching the top you will feel like you are on top of the world as you marvel at the amazing views.


This event is for adults and children who love riding bicycles. It is not a timed event, but a chance to experience the beautiful scenery of Furano while riding. You can sample the local produce, enjoy the fresh air and scenery with other bicycle enthusiasts, at your own pace.

Run & Adventure

We love nature. We want all participants to enjoy the wilderness found in Furano and hope that through participating, gain an understanding and respect for the rules and manners we have in place to protect the environment. This sports is not just about ‘doing’, its also about ‘seeing’. The Furano Trail Run is a 30km course and is know for being the hardest in Hokkaido with its 1000m ascent. You don’t know ‘agony’ is the slogan of this event, and we are looking for contestants who are up to the challenge! We do want participants to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings which Furano has to offer, so while running and trying to reach the goal as fast as possible may be a goal for some, walking is also happily encouraged.
The beginners course is 10km long, while the Children's race is 3km long.
The official website (Japanese only)

Climbing Party
Mountain Opening Ceremony
'Mt. Furano- Nishidake' 1 day hiking

In early June, the official mountain climbing season opens with Mt. Furano-Nishidake. Furano Ropeway commences its summer hiking and sightseeing season with the first trip of the season to the top of the hill.

Mountain Opening Ceremony
'Genshi-ga-hara &
Mt. Furanodake' 1 day Trekking

In honor of open season for Mt. Furanodake, one of the peaks of Tokachi Mountain Range, and to pray for safety to all mountaineers who climb the nearby mountains of Furano a citizen's climbing party is held. The party is made up of two courses, the [Genshigahara Course] and [Genshi-ga-hara to Mt.Furanodake Course]. Events are held at the goal.

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