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Suggestions from local shops!

Spring Special! Experience L'ecrin Flower!NEW

Flower Box "L'ecrin Flower" hands on workshop

----====----====----====----====---- Hands-on Flower Art Lessons The summer in Hokkaido is short, but during those few precious months..

"SHIBARE" frosting glassware

Glass Forest in Furano

"SHIBARE" frosting glassware is the special handblown glassware designed to look like developing frost inside. The glassware was designed..

White Koala rental ski open

Flying Dolphins Adventure Service

White Koala is a rental ski, snowboard shop in Furano, Hokkaido. We deliver the equipments to your hotel or Furano ski resort. Not only ..

Furano Evening Shuttle Bus

Furano Evening Shuttle Bus

In Operation: (Wed) 23th Dec 2015 - (Thu) 10th Mar 2016 One Ride: 300 Yen Includes special discounts and offers at participating buisine..

Furano Grape Juice Soft Serve Icecream

Grape Juice Factory & Information Centre

You can download a discount ticket here!

English ichioshi title

website developler

ichioshi body ichioshi body ichioshi body


Sugiyama Coffee

We just starting "Asparagus & Anchovy Spaghetti" (Asparagus from Frano local farmer!!) and more... Also having Faretrade & Organic coff..

House Expo Furano

Hokuryo ;Furano estate construction

The multi calendar that will assist in all your travel plans and preparations to Furano!
Access to Furano
Furano FAQ's
Furano Area Guide
  • 28-1-1  ナトゥールヴァルト富良野 英語
  • 28.1-2 FIELD
  • 28-1-3  富良野旅館業組合 英語
  • 28-1-4  くまげら 英語
  • 28.1-5  遊び屋 英語
  • 28-1-6  富遊里 英語
  • 28.1-7  オールアバウトフラノ 英語
  • 28.1-8  とみ川 英語
  • 28-1-9 ドラマ館 英語
  • 28.1-10  グラスフォレスト 英語
  • 28.1-11 すぷらうと 英語
  • 28.1-12 オルゴール堂 英語