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Japanese Tea Ceremony
Furano area

Each of our local high schools has a "Japanese Tea Ceremony Club". They would like to invite you to take part in a Japanese tea ceremony during your stay. So why not come and savour a cup of Japanese tea a..

Address Kitanomine Community Center, 8-1 Kitanomine,Furano city

TEL 0167-23-3388 (ふらの観光協会9:00~18:00)

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Cultural Performance
Furano area

"Cultural Performance" will be held during the peak ski season. Local performing arts groups will present traditional Japanese performances. Guests can also try Japanese calligraphy, and get their faces pai..

Address New Furano Hotel

TEL 0167-23-3388 (ふらの観光協会9:00~18:00)

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Mt.Furano Nishi-dake Trail Opening Ceremony< Furano >

Where : Biei, Kami Furano and Furano In early June, the official mountain climbing season opens with Biei, Kami Furano, and Furano all opening their mountains. Furano Ropeway commences its summer hiking an..

Address Kamigoryo, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-23-3388 (ふらの観光協会 9:00~18:00)

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Mountain Opening Ceremony 'Genshi-ga-hara & Mt. Furanodake' 1 day Trekking < Furano >

In honor of open season for Mt. Furanodake, one of the peaks of Tokachi Mountain Range, and to pray for safety to all mountaineers who climb the nearby mountains of Furano a citizen's climbing party is held. ..


TEL 0167-23-3388 (ふらの観光協会 9:00~18:00)

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This event is for adults and children who love riding bicycles. It is not a timed event, but a chance to experience the beautiful scenery of Furano while riding. You can sample the local produce, enjoy the fr..



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Nakafurano Lavender Festival and Fireworks

Nakafurano hosts one of the biggest lavender festivals of the flower season with the lavenders and flowers at their most beautiful, the farms come alive with stalls and children's entertainment shows. This is..

Address Miyamachi, Nakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido

TEL 0167-39-3033

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Nachi Biei Fire Festival

In the scenic town of Biei, a fire festival is held in the height of summer. A fire is lit from Mt. Tokachi with the torch from the Biei Shinto Shrine. It is considered a holy shrine by the Japanese Shinto cu..


TEL 0166-92-1891

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