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Ramen, Soba, Diners

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Furano Ski Resort
Furano area
Ski & Snowboard,ski area, snow sports, snow activities, MTB trail downhill. Tracking and Hiking, Mt. Nishidake

The Furano Ski Resort is located in a quaint Japanese city in the centre of Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan. The city is easily accessed through major airports in Asahikawa and Sapporo. In the wi..

Address Naka-Goryou, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-22-1111

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Highland Furano
Furano area
Lavender,Outdoor Bath,Banquets and Parties,Restaurant,Hot Springs,Day Trip Bath,Rehabilitation,Inpediment removal,BBQ

Enjoy unforgettable views of Furano's magnificent nature through the four seasons. Our menu features fresh local produce.

Address Shimanoshita, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-22-5700

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Furano area
take away,atrium,snack

Address Furano Marche2 nai, Saiwai-chou 8-5, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-22-1001

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Haru chan Sushi
Furano area

Try their healthy sushi with Japanese mountain vegetables.

Address Honchou 2-18, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-22-3235

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Furano area
Soba Noodles,Japanese Food,Udon,Set Meals,Rice Bowls

Great variety of hearty Soba (buckwheat noodle) dishes with wax models in front of the shop to help you choose the most appetizing.

Address Saiwai-chou 5-1, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-23-1234

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Onoda Soba
Furano area

Located in Rokugo,this shop was used as a set in the TV drama From the Northern Country.The soba is well known for its strong and pleasant texture.

Address Rokugoushigai 3, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-29-2662

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Shojiki Mura
Furano area
Furano Omcurry,Ramen ,Restaurant

Just a few minutes' walk from the ski slopes!Try our popular "Pumpkin Ramen" and "Furano Omelette Curry"!We also have vegetarian menu options available!

Address Kitanomine-chou 21-7, Furano-shi

TEL 0167-23-3143

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