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Sightseeing Farms and Orchards

Saika no Sato

Key Word

Dry Flowers,Sunflowers,Lavender,Dry Flowers,japanese flower arrangement

This large flower park features lavender alongside lupines and sun flowers. The lavender is harvested here and you can purchase and see a wide range of beautiful lavender products.

Area Nakafurano
Address aza nakafurano nisi1sen kita12go 6 ban 1 gou, Nakafurano-chouMAP
Telephone Number 0167-56-7970
Access from nearby station 5 minutes by car from Nakafurano Station
Business Hours 8:00AM until 5:00PM
Viewing Options Lavender, Salvia, Sunflower and many other Flowers
Activity Menu Lavender picking (only ones that have already bloomed)
Dining Menu Soft serve ice cream, Melon, Soba, Udon, Japanese sweet potato rice cakes
Shipping Options possible
Product District available
Online Shopping Options possible
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